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Ponte di Piave between wine and culture



The town of Ponte di Piave covers an area of 33 sq.kms. and has a population of about 8352 inhabitants (December 31st 2017); it lies in the region of Veneto, 20 kms far from Treviso, the chieftown of this area, and 30 kms far from the marvellous city of Venice. Moreover, it is within easy reach of Conegliano, where you can find the oldest enological school in Italy.

The land is totally flat, being not higher than 10 metres above sea level, and the River Piave, that creates a picturesque natural landscape rich in waters, crosses it.

From a geological point of view, the soil is quite soft due to the silts carried along by the River Piave when it overflows. Thus they are suitable for the growing of grapevines that represents the most important resource for the local community.

Since the pre-Roman age, the ancient people of Veneti, famous horse breeders, inhabited the area of Ponte di Piave that developed mainly during the XI century.

The cultivation of vines began and developed thanks to the Benedictine monks living in the great Abbey of St. Andrew in Busco.

In the area you can find a lot of historic monuments such as the beautiful church of St. Boniface Martyr, dating back to the X century A.D..

The town belongs to the National Association of "The Cities of Wine", created in Siena in 1987, whose aim is to enhance the natural, historic and touristic resources of the areas where you can find precious wines. The cities and towns joining in the association are seriously involved in promoting the Italian culture of wine.

Our winegrowers and producers are skilled, experienced and well known all over the world, also because some of them have been able to spread the growing of grapevines in many countries all over Europe.

There are plenty of varieties of white and red wines produced by local wineries; among them the most famous is the tasty "Raboso Piave", a dark red wine coming from a very ancient local vine that has found its ideal location on the river Piave banks.

The journalist Goffredo Parise, novel writer and essayst, chose our town as his last resort. Goffredo Parise's house, which was inherited by municipality directly from its famous owner, has become cultural meeting place where people can satisfy their need for knowledge and enjoy their economic welfare.

Ernest Hemingway fought and was wounded along the River Piave during the First World War, as a memorial tablet oru valuable wines.

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